A Tribute to Ray Bradbury

One of the most influential, prolific and talented writers of our time.  Ray Bradbury.

It’s sad to see him go. But, wow, I’d like to give him thanks for living the way he did!

My most memorable influences from Mr. Bradbury came in Grade 9. I recall, rather vividly, sitting in class, as a young aspiring writer myself, reading the required Fahrenheit 451. It was written decades before then, but the realism and the path we were on rang true: the television screens which took over housing walls, and society’s obsessions over the small, sensationalized news headlines.  Yeah, he wrote about that  – in 1953.

I am certain this one book of his made me even more determined to one day write a book of my own. And dang gum it, to ensure that books  – in whatever form they may be – will not burned by the powers that be.

Thank you Ray, for your more than 500 books, and for contributing your genius to shaping the world we live in today!



  1. Reblogged this on Crazy Normal – the Classroom Exposé and commented:
    Ray Bradbury is gone and like Krista Bunskoek I too was influenced by this amazing man. In 1968, my first year in college, I heard him speak in person and what he said lit a fire inside of me to write stories and that flame is still burning.

    Thank you, Ray Bradbury — may you rest in peace. The last time I saw Bradbury in person was a few years ago in the authors’ room at the Los
    Angeles Times Festival of books at UCLA. He sat in a wheel chair and did not look healthy. I was tempted to go over and say hello but decided not to. Maybe I should have thanked him for inspiring me to write.

    1. Very nice Lloyd. You are a fortunate writer to have actually met the man – or at least been in the same room with him, in person.

  2. Nice, Krista! Just shared this on Twitter! 🙂

    1. 🙂 thanks ladaray!

  3. I have very fond memories of a school issued collection of his work, it had a gold jacket and black type. I cannot recall which stories were in there though. I also remember the t.v. show that was on the USA network I think. I remember his introduction, sitting at his desk with Ray doing the voice over narration, talking about inspiration coming from the variety of knick-knacks scattered all around. That image of inspiration stuck with me, and I am striving to make my own office a similar place, filled with notions and ideas.

    1. It’s wonderful to have such inspirations, isnt’ it? Ray Bradbury will be missed, but not forgotten.

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