We are on the Frontier!

I don’t normally do this, but I just receieved an email from Seth Godin. If you are in the self-pub world and you don’t know who Seth Godin is, you ought to at least check out The Domino Project site!

I’m thinking that it’s ok to share the email/ blog post directly with you – seeing as social media is all about sharing and virality… Here is what he wrote today:

“One of the things that’s happening in 2012 is that self-publishing of books is no longer a quirky outsider effort, but instead more and more often being seen as smart alternative to getting picked by the mainstream houses.

Andrew Hyde goes into great detail of the revenue stream of his self-published book. There are ton of question marks about the best method to go to the reader, and as those settle down, we’ll see more discussions like this one.

It reminds me of the way people talked about building their own websites in 1998.” http://www.thedominoproject.com/2012/06/self-publishers-begin-to-explore-the-business.html

Clearly, this resonated with me. Self-published indie authors: we are on the frontier! And darn it! We get to have say in it!

What are your thoughts?



  1. This is a great source of information! I’ve been considering different options for distribution and have yet to come across information like this. Thank you for posting. Any idea how he manages direct sales of his book?

  2. Andrew Hyde’s site has a lot of information, as does Seth Godin on his Domino Project site. The eBook world is a fascinating one with new developments happening almost daily! As to how Andrew manages his direct sales, it looks like he uses a site called “gumroads” – I know nothing more about this site. I use Smashwords… http://www.smashwords.com

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