eBook Pricing: 0.99c or 2.99c?

The debate continues as we indie authors pave our way on the new eBook highway. How do you price your book? 0.99c or 2.99c or some other price?

Though I haven’t compiled a lot of data on this, it seems most of us are going for the 0.99c rate.

Are we undervaluing our work?

I mean, in the ‘real’ world, out there, 0.99c seems low. When I talk to my non-writer friends and I tell them my book is only 0.99c, they kind of laugh (politely, but that subtle smirk is seen to the keen writer’s eye!).  And for those friends who’ve actually bought and read my book, they tell me my book is priced too low. Yes, they would actually like to pay more! (My fragile writer heart/ego beams at this!)

Plus, at 0.99c, you only get 30% royalty at Amazon. Granted, that is much better than a traditional book royalty of about 10%, if that. But, price your same eBook on Amazon at 2.99 and up, and you get 70% of the book’s sales.

So, I’m following the advice of Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords (and all-knower of indie author stuff!). In his recent slideshare for indie authors, he states: “Data indicates that some authors are probably under pricing their works, and might want to experiment with slightly higher prices” .

My book was 0.99c. I’m now pricing my work at 2.99c. It’s tough to do, but I’m going to try it.  Value my own efforts!

What do you think? If you have an eBook, how do you price yours? If you read eBooks, what are your views on pricing?

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  1. There is of course lots of different discussions on this. It comes down to, what do you want to charge for your work. It’s a personal matter. Sure, a lower price point (0.99) could be undervaluing your work and I am sure some people might think if its that cheap, it can’t be any good. However, there is a good argument for lower prices or even free. Marketing is the biggest. Almost like a literary crack dealer, ‘the first hit is free, but the next one is full price!’ Personally I am going to release a collection of short stories for free. I look at is as the following: A getting to know me/put my name out there opportunity, a chance to test the waters and collect feedback on my style of writing and a warm up/practice run of self-publishing. Having never done it, I would rather make mistakes with a free offering rather than a pay option. Once I start building up a catalog I see charging 1.99, 299 per publication, and roll out collections (3 or 5 works together) for 4.99. And every once in a while have a promotion where I charge less or give something away. So, I think once I am comfortable with the process and move on to sales I am going to charge more than 0.99, but less than 4.99 for a single work. It should be mentioned that the works I plan on publishing are Novella length, so obviously I would probably charge a little more for a full on novel length pub.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. Certainly, selling your book for free has shown to be an excellent way to increase readers, get feedback, build your name, etc. particularly as a first time writer. And it’s fun, because eBooks let you do this!

  3. […] won’t earn me a lot of money but will be a commercial venture.  Unknowns and first-timers are pricing low – sometimes $.99 – to attract an audience:  Like everything else internet-related, […]

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