eBook Trailers

I’m noticing something really cool going on in the self-published realm. eBook Trailers.

Yes, to be a self-published author is great.

No, it’s amazing.

But it does take a lot of talent! Not only do you have to be an excellent writer, passionate about the thrills of character details and life background, passionate about sharing your observations of life that resonates with your readers and you, passionate about solving the conflicts in a way that makes sense with your story…you have to also be passionate about exploring the social and technological side of writing (yes, there is a social side to writing).

I’m seeing more and more, that really creative, talented authors are actually delving in to the video making scene.  They may not be award winning, but it’s really cool to see indie authors making their own (or getting help to make their own) eBook trailers.

I tried my hand at this. Check it out:

It’s a fairly simple trailer. I made it in Windows Live Movie Maker (which you can download for free). For Mac users, iMovie is a super cool tool to use – and actually has some pretty amazing trailer templates!

If you want to make your own trailer, here’s a few tips I’ve learned so far:

1. Think of your storyboard.

  • What are the elements you want to put in your trailer?
  • How will you make it flow?

2. How will you make your trailer?

  • Do you want still photos, moving videos, animation?                      

3. Be sure to include your eBook’s title and cover, your name, and where to find your book!

 Do you have an eBook trailer? Share it!

Do you have any suggestions or thoughts about eBook trailers? Share them!



  1. I have seen this trend starting up last September. Notably a bunch of graphic novels put out trailers for their upcoming books. A few stray authors of straight up literature too. It all goes toward the marketing of your work which is a large part of what comes next after finishing the writen work! Thanks for the post.

    1. Yes, the marketing of your finished work is a big, big piece of the pie! Gaphic novels could make for some very cool trailers! Thanks for your comment!

  2. […] blurb’ showing the benefits of your book and creating the hook. Include your book cover image and book trailer (if you’ve made […]

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