Monthly Archives: July 2012

eBooks and Marketing

Wow, little did I know, when I published my eBook last year, that the work was just beginning! Books – whether in eBook or paper format – do not sell themselves.  (Even to family and friends! … but I digress…) As a self-published author, the challenge of marketing your book, getting it profiled, and getting into […]

Summer Reading!

Ah, the sun is out, and the livin’ gets a little easier. I love the summer to take the time to read a lot more, and to write.   I’m always getting to know more indie authors, particularly fellow flash fiction writers. But I also like to read some of the big names too. Here’s […]

Setting the Scene

Settings. They can create, enhance,  deepen, enrich, colour, lead… your story. For some stories, such as historic fiction, the setting is almost a character onto itself. For a writer, the power of observation is key. You may have a scene in your head. One in which your characters will go play. But how do you get that […]