eBooks and Marketing

Wow, little did I know, when I published my eBook last year, that the work was just beginning!

Books – whether in eBook or paper format – do not sell themselves.  (Even to family and friends! … but I digress…)

As a self-published author, the challenge of marketing your book, getting it profiled, and getting into people’s hands to read can be a more arduous road than one might anticipate.

I personally have decided to make to most of this, and over the past ten months have been learning intently about the vast and seeming endless social media space.

I’ve connected with hundreds, if not thousands, of  fellow indie authors from around the world.

My first and favourite social connecting tool has been and is, Twitter. It’s through Twitter that I sold my first book! And it’s through Twitter that I learned so much about eBooks, and writing, and trying to market what you’ve created.

I also love using WordPress as a blogging tool. There are so many authors out there! It is a great way to connect with you all, regardless of where you are in the world.  The writing community on WordPress is huge, and really very supportive.

It’s been incredibly wonderful learning from the vast wealth of knowledge shared out there by others.

Anyway, as I stray back on topic on this sunny summer day…

I am in the process of compiling my learnings on eBook marketing, with the intent to ‘pay it forward’ and make it into an eBook to share with fellow and future fellow eBook authors!

I plan to have it available for you early this Fall… Stay tuned!


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