About the eBook

Flash Bites: a few short, short stories

The latest trend in reading: short, short stories you can read on your phone, tablet or eReader.

Check out the trailer!

What’s it about?

These thought-provoking short stories pack an emotional punch. From sci-fi, romance to action, these six stories can each be read in snack-sized bites of 10 minutes or less, and may just leave you inspired.

Escape from your smartphone and zoom in an electric unimobile in Freedom! Be swept off your feet, with a twist, in a quest to find Mr. Right in List for Love. Explore a Day in the Life of a Canadian dollar coin. Journey through the ethics of small town mechanic in The Missing Part. Get some action in the spy thriller Day Job. And read what daily life will be like in Domestic Bliss: 2022.

Who would like to read it?


If you like to read, but your time is limited, then Flash Bites: a few short, short stories is for you! Or, if you are a writer, or aspiring writer, yourself, and want to check out a fellow author’s flash fiction (short stories under 1,000 words), then Flash Bites is for you, too!

Why the title Flash Bites: a few short, short stories?

Flash is short for flash fiction. Flash fiction is a form of short story, generally under 1,000 words, and usually in the 600-800 word range. (For non-writers out there, this means a story in about 2-3 pages.)

Flash Bites offers a variety of flash fiction into which you will want to bite.

Where can you find it?

Available at all major eBookstores including:  iBookstore, Indigo Kobo, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Sony eReader .

Even if you don’t have an eReader, you can get a free app for your smartphone, tablet or computer from the eBookstore of your choice. (go ahead, try it, click on one of the eBookstore links above and you’ll see how easy it is to get the application. I’ll wait…)

So, for less than your morning coffee, make your day a happy one with tasty bites of flash.



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