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We are on the Frontier!

I don’t normally do this, but I just receieved an email from Seth Godin. If you are in the self-pub world and you don’t know who Seth Godin is, you ought to at least check out The Domino Project site! I’m thinking that it’s ok to share the email/ blog post directly with you – seeing as […]

A Tribute to Ray Bradbury

One of the most influential, prolific and talented writers of our time.  Ray Bradbury. It’s sad to see him go. But, wow, I’d like to give him thanks for living the way he did! My most memorable influences from Mr. Bradbury came in Grade 9. I recall, rather vividly, sitting in class, as a young […]

Reviewed! Flash Bites: a few short, short stories

Kate Policani reviewed my eBook of short, short stories! Check it out! And check out Kate’s blog too: Kate has written a number of great books, including a must read for up-and-coming indie authors, Compulsively Writing Fiction,  available for free on Smashwords:

The Rewrite: It’s Worth It

In life, they say, there are no rewrites. Seize the moment, for the moment will pass. In writing, some say, there is nothing but rewrites! Show the moments. Let them stew and simmer for a while. And then rewrite, rewrite and rewrite again. So often the importance of the rewrite is overlooked – particularly in […]

Ode to the Penny

Yesterday, the Canadian Government announced that it will no longer be producing pennies. Love them or loathe them, they will be phased out of the Canadian currency. As a tribute, here is part of my short story “A Day in the Life: A Coin Story”, published in Flash Bites: a few short, short stories. Goodbye […]

Character Development: 3 Ways

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite aspects of writing is developing characters. Making them come alive, getting to know them, finding their depth, their motives, and well, making them so real they sometimes take the plot away…  (ok, the control freak writer in me doesn’t always think this so cool…. but […]

Read an eBook Week March 4-10

Did you know? March 4-10 is “Read an eBook week” on Smashwords! Why not take part? Explore the works of indie authors – at a discount. And if you have an eBook, this is a great opportunity to share it! I’m joining in! Flash Bites: a few short, short stories will be FREE! Click here […]