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Summer Reading!

Ah, the sun is out, and the livin’ gets a little easier. I love the summer to take the time to read a lot more, and to write.   I’m always getting to know more indie authors, particularly fellow flash fiction writers. But I also like to read some of the big names too. Here’s […]

Setting the Scene

Settings. They can create, enhance,  deepen, enrich, colour, lead… your story. For some stories, such as historic fiction, the setting is almost a character onto itself. For a writer, the power of observation is key. You may have a scene in your head. One in which your characters will go play. But how do you get that […]

eBook Trailers

I’m noticing something really cool going on in the self-published realm. eBook Trailers. Yes, to be a self-published author is great. No, it’s amazing. But it does take a lot of talent! Not only do you have to be an excellent writer, passionate about the thrills of character details and life background, passionate about sharing […]

Reviewed! Flash Bites: a few short, short stories

Kate Policani reviewed my eBook of short, short stories! Check it out! http://awesomeindies.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/review-flash-bites-by-krista-bunskoek/ And check out Kate’s blog too: http://katepolicani.com/ Kate has written a number of great books, including a must read for up-and-coming indie authors, Compulsively Writing Fiction,  available for free on Smashwords: http://katepolicani.com/books-for-sale/cwf/

The Rewrite: It’s Worth It

In life, they say, there are no rewrites. Seize the moment, for the moment will pass. In writing, some say, there is nothing but rewrites! Show the moments. Let them stew and simmer for a while. And then rewrite, rewrite and rewrite again. So often the importance of the rewrite is overlooked – particularly in […]